Saturday, October 10, 2015

Palm Coast Jazz Podcast Episode 31

First episode since the winter but worth the wait!! Great performances from Christian Tamburr, Michael Ross, Gerald Stockton (with Danny Jordan on flute & sax!), Lisa Casalino (with Kenny Drew Jr.!), Michael Petrovich and Errol Rackipov! All killer cuts!

1. Introduction - Kenny

(download our theme song "In Control" on iTunes!)

2. "Folk Dance" - Errol Rackipov Group
(Hollywood, FL)     website

Errol Rackipov - vibes, marimba; Lubomir Gospodinov - sax;
Hristo Vitchev - guitar; Martin Bejerano - piano;
Josh Allen - bass; Rodolfo Zuniga - drums
          from the album "Pictures from a Train Window.
          Purchase at iTunes or Amazon!

3. "No Denying" - Lisa Casalino (Formerly Tampa, FL)      website

Lisa Casalino - vocals; Kenny Drew Jr. - piano;
Nate Najar - guitar; Alejandro Arenas - bass;
Mark Feinman - drums

          from the album "I'm Old Fashioned". 
          Purchase at Amazon or iTunes!

4. Announcements - Kenny
background music from the album Gettin' In the Groove by Ron Pirtle)

5. "Blue Steel" - Gerald Stockton  (Orlando, FL)      website

Gerald Stockton - bass; Danny Jordan - flute/tenor sax;
Elton Reyes - trumpet; Steve Wiest - trombone;
Pat Coil - Hammond organ; Michael Waldrop - drums
          from the album "My Gentle Breeze".
          Purchase at CD Baby or iTunes!

Christian Tamburr
6. "It Rained Again Last Night" - Christian Tamburr (Melbourne, FL)      websiteChristian Tamburr - vibes; Dominick Farinacci - trumpet;
Kevin Bales - piano; Billy Thornton - bass;
Quentin Baxter - drums
          From the album "Voyage".
          Purchase album at Amazon or iTunes!

7. Announcements - Kenny

8. "Yak Attack" - Michael Ross
(Tampa, FL)     website

Michael Ross - bass; Danny Jordan - tenor sax;
William Evans - piano/rhodes; LaRue Nickelson - guitar:
Walt Hubbard - drums
          from the album "Ginger".
          Purchase the album at Amazon, iTunes!

9. "San Juan Nights" - Michael Petrovich (Orlando, FL)       website

Michael Petrovich - guitars, sequencing, percussion
Michael Bloomer - fretless bass
Tony Rios - congas, bongos, woodblock
Ed White - djembe, percussion
          from the album "The Train to San Lorenzo".
          Purchase at Amazon or iTunes!
10. Announcements - Kenny
background music from the album Gettin' In the Groove by Ron Pirtle)

11. Closing Announcements - Kenny

Palm Coast Jazz closing theme by Seven Octaves.produced by Kenny MacKenzie

All recordings and compositions are the property of their respective performers and composers, all rights reserved. This podcast copyright 2015 Kenny MacKenzie. All rights reserved.

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