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Palm Coast Jazz Episode 30!

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It's the first episode of 2015 (in case you missed it) and our 30th, not counting bonus episodes! Lots of jazz guitar this week with music from all over the state, plus a feature from the dynamic and creative Jazz Conceptions Orchestra out of Jacksonville, and some excellent and very cool jazz 'n bass from Erik Jackson in Orlando.

Podcast stats for 2014 go as follows: 9,300 downloads/plays. A bit low, but actually pretty good since there were only 4 episodes produced! The countries with the most plays are:

  1. USA
  2. Japan
  3. Brazil
  4. UK
  5. France
The countries with the most downloads are:
  1. Japan (4,528)
  2. USA
  3. Germany
  4. UK
  5. Italy
Thank you for all your support, for liking, sharing and listening to the show! Hope you like the new episode, and there is much more to come!! Best to all - Kenny

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1. Introduction - Kenny

(download our theme song "In Control" on iTunes!)

2. "Somerset's Mom" - Rich Walker
(Orlando, FL)     website

Rich Walker - guitar, Rex Wertz - tenor sax,
Tom Parmeter - trumpet, Richard Drexler - piano,
Carlos Fernandez - percussion, Walt Hubbard - drums,
Mark Neuenschwander - bass

from the album "Lazybird Revisited"

Rich Walker: Lazybird Revisited

3. "A Morning Walk" - The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra (Jacksonville, FL)      website; Alex LoRe's website

Alex Nguyen - trumpet, leader; Brandon Lee - trumpet,
Alex LoRe - alto, Jeremy Fratti - tenor, Matt Zettlemoyer - bari,
Robert Edwards - trombone, Joshua Bowlus - piano,
Paul Sikivie - bass, Ben Adkins - drums

from the album "The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra".

The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra: The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra

4. Announcements - Kenny
background music from the album Gettin' In the Groove by Ron Pirtle)

5. "The Whispering Eye" - Mark Johnson  (Daytona Beach, FL)      website

Mark Johnson - saxes
Norbert Marius - bass
Yaaki Levi - drums

unreleased track.


6. "Esmaralda" - George Grosman & Bohemian Swing (Orlando, FL)      website

George Grosman - guitar, Brandon Walker - sax, piano;
Ian MacGillivray - trumpet, Rachel Melas - bass;
Rafael Keren - accordian, David MacDougall - drums

From the album "Sydney, Mon Ami".

George Grosman: Sidney, Mon Ami

7. Announcements - Kenny

8. "Through the Storm" - Erik Jackson
(Orlando, FL)

Erik Jackson - production, rhodes, bass, synths, Akai MPC
KJ Sawka - drums
Joey Crown - trumpet

from the album "Rainy Days".

Erik Jackson: Rainy Days

9. "Blade's Groove" - Dan Heck (Naples, FL)       website

Dan Heck - guitar
Thomas Marriott - trumpet
Stuart Shelton - piano
Rick Doll - bass
Jose Martinez - drums

from the album "Compositionality" courtesy of Origin Records.

Purchase at Amazon!

10. Announcements - Kenny 

(background music from the album Gettin' In the Groove by Ron Pirtle)

11. "Monday Morning" - Herb Silverstein (Sarasota, FL)     website

Herb Silverstein - piano
Jeff Rupert - tenor sax
LaRue Nickelson - guitar
Richard Drexler - bass
Marty Morrell - drums

from the album "Monday Morning".

Herb Silverstein: Monday Morning

12. Closing Announcements - Kenny

          Kenny's Twitter

Palm Coast Jazz closing theme by Seven Octaves. 

produced by Kenny MacKenzie

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