Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Mini Palm Coast Jazz Podcast!

For the summer of 2016 we will be producing mini-episodes of Palm Coast Jazz - about 15-17 minutes long, on a regular basis! This episode features guitarist Phill Fest (Brazilian jazz), Acme Jazz Garage (funk jazz) and vibraphonist Christian Tamburr (straight-ahead jazz). Enjoy!!

Host: Kenny MacKenzie & Allison Paris   Our Facebook page!

Kenny also hosts: 
"Jazz Greats" on WFCF St. Augustine 
every Tuesday 3-7pm EST 
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1. Introduction - Kenny 
(download our theme song "In Control" on iTunes!)

2. "That's What She Said" - Phill Fest (West Palm Beach)    website
Phill Fest - guitar; Robert Prester - piano; Jonathan Sigel - trumpet; Russ Howard - bass; Carlomagno Araya - drums

from the album "That's What She Said"

Purchase at Amazon!

3. "Mr. G.P." - Acme Jazz Garage (Tampa, FL)      website

Bryan Lewis - keyboards; Matt Swenson - guitars;
Phillip Booth - bass; Tim Diehl - drums:
Rick Runion - tenor sax; Ron Wilder - trumpet;
Austin Vickrey - baritone sax

from the album "Acme Jazz Garage".

Purchase at Amazon!

4. Announcements - Kenny
(background music from the album Second Chances by Allison Paris)

5. "The City Suite: New York City - A Walk Through Central Park" - Christian Tamburr  (Melbourne, FL)      website

Christiann Tamburr - vibes

Takana Miyamoto - piano

from the album "People Talk".

Purchase at Amazon!

6. Closing Announcements - Kenny
Palm Coast Jazz closing theme by Seven Octaves.

produced by Kenny MacKenzie

All recordings and compositions are the property of their respective performers and composers, all rights reserved. This podcast copyright 2016 Kenny MacKenzie. All rights reserved.

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