Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ed Calle's Top 10 Jazz Albums (+ 2)

Mind-blowing saxophonist Ed Calle lives in So. Florida. In the last 10 years alone, the Caracas-born musician has appeared on albums by artists like Santana, Placido Domingo, Pet Shop Boys, Michael Bolton, Arturo Sandoval, Wyclef Jean, Jose Feliciano, Jennifer Lopez, Al DiMeola, Gloria Estefan & Rihanna... just for starters. He's even on Grammy-winning albums by the Chairman of the Board himself. He's had 2 latin Grammy nominations for his own albums, and is a member of the Miami Saxophone Quartet. When he's not laying down unbelievable & memorable woodwind solos or writing horn arrangements for the artists above, he's busy as Associate Professor Senior of Music Business and Production at Miami-Dade College.

It was then thrilling, of course, to have Dr. Calle participate in our humble top-50 jazz albums poll. We celebrate our blog's one year anniversary with his top 12 jazz albums. Though his list favors saxophonists, the stylistic scope is vast, and his thoughts on the albums are both intimate and exuberant.

  • 1. John Coltrane - "Coltrane's Sound" – My favorite Coltrane album and time period. The re-harmonization on Body and Soul is so beautiful.
  • 2. John Coltrane - "Giant Steps" - Giant Steps, Countdown, Naima, and the rest. A definitive recording if there ever was one.  
  • 3. Miles Davis - "Kind of Blue" - No comment is worthy.

  • 4. Steps - "Smokin' In the Pit" – Michael Brecker, Mike Mainieri, Steve Gadd, Don Grolnick, Eddie Gomez, and Kazumi Watanabe. On fire.
  • 5. Claus Ogerman and Michael Brecker - "Cityscape" – A masterpiece.
  • 6. Elvin Jones - "Live at the Lighthouse" – Liebman and Grossman. Influences for a lifetime.
  • 7. Dave Sanborn - "A Change of Heart" – Dave is too great. A giant among giants.

  • 8. Tom Scott – "Desire" – Tom Scott is a master musician, composer, arranger, and leader. Like the rest of the artists mentioned, Tom established a unique sound that has inspired and enriched all of us. 
  • 9. Grover Washington – "Winelight" – Beautiful.
  • 10. Arturo Sandoval – "Flight to Freedom and Swingin'" – Making music with Sandoval, Corea, Weckl, Jackson, Brecker, Patitucci, Daniels, Calderazo, and the rest – Life is great.
  • 11. Gato Barbieri – "Caliente" – I still love that record. Beautiful vibe, arrangements, and playing. I could care less what the jazz police thinks, Gato is a major musical figure and is particular special to me as someone who comes from South America.
  • 12. Jaco Pastorious - "The Birthday Album" – I met Michael Brecker for the first time that day. That day and concert changed my life in a very positive way.

    "Truthfully, how can we even rank or comment on all of the beautiful music that has been shared by so many brilliant musicians of yesterday and today? I am thankful and indebted to all of them for the inspiration, information, and joy they share with us. God bless them one and all."

Thank you Ed for your personal list and for participating in our poll! You can visit Ed Calle at his website, where all his releases are also available. Below is a video of Ed playing "Rice and Beans". It's amateur video, but worth it. Hold on to your seat! - PCJ

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