Sunday, December 1, 2013

15 Recommended CDs for 2013!

It's that time of year: Black Friday this, holiday-spend that, cyber-whatever. Holidays can be stressful, with endless pressure from media advertisers and corporations taking advantage of mankind's natural love for gift-giving.

We don't want to contribute to this pressure, but thought you might like to know our 15 recommended cds for the year 2013. Maybe one or two will fit your gift giving needs; or maybe you want to indulge in some jazz yourself, for those de-stress/unwind moments. Or maybe you just want to window shop! :)

The link below takes you to our streamlined page where you can see the albums and read a very brief review of each. The links are to CD Baby - who offers the artists the best % of sales of any online vendor. Most albums have cd or download options, and
you can listen to song excerpts, as well!

Finally, all the artists are Floridian - so whenever you purchase one of their cds you support local art as well as local economy. And if you're all shopped out, the link will stay up for most of the coming year. Congrats to the artists, and thank you for stopping by! - PCJ

* please bear with us while we re-post this list a few times on Facebook. Facebook only shows page posts to about 20% of a page's followers, so we want to be sure more of our viewers know about the list.

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