Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Podcast Opens Our 3rd Season!

Thank you to all our faithful listeners who have helped make our podcast a big success! This month features two Jazz Orchestras! Featured players include Phil Woods, Ed Callé, Gary Brown and Jason Carder. Larry Coryell & Kenny Drew Jr supply an exquisite duet tribute to Hank Jones, George Grosman pays homage to Sidney Bechet & much more! At the end of the show we pay our own tribute to the late bassist/composer/friend Frank Capek and Gers Yowell, the saxophonist whose story we told in our second episode. Every number is a gem! Thanks for all the shares, likes and for spreading the word. :) Enjoy!!

Pictured: George Grosman (photo by Greg King)

Host: Kenny MacKenzie 

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1. Introduction - Kenny

(download our theme song "In Control" on iTunes!)

2. "Read My Lips" - South Florida Jazz Orchestra
(Miami, FL)     websiteChuck Bergeron - director, bass;
Trumpet: Jason Carder, Greg Gisbert, Alex Norris, Augie Haas
Alto Saxes: Gary Keller, Gary Lindsay,
Tenor/Baritone saxes: Ed Calle, Ken Mattis, Mike Brignola
Trombones: Dante Luciani, John Kricker, Joanna Sabater
Bass trombone: Jennifer Wharton
Piano: Martin Bejerano
Drums: John Yarling
Timbales: Raymer Olalde; Congas: Roberto Quintero

from the album "Trumpet Summit".

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3. "Pasaj√© Tennessee" - Jamie Ousley (Hallandale, FL)      website

Jamie Ousley - double bass, Phillip Strange - piano,
Johnny Mendoza - Violin, mandolin, quatro, marracas
Larry Marshall - drums

from the album "Back Home".

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4. Announcements - Kenny
background music from the album "Second Chances" by Allison Paris)

5. "Feeling His Groove" - Jose Valentino  (Tampa, FL)      Facebook

Jose Valentino Ruiz - vocals, flute, sax, bass, guitar, rhodes
Jonathan Thomas - drums
Benny Maldonado - congas

From the album "Messiah"

6. "Goodbye Mr. Jones" - Larry Coryell & Kenny Drew Jr (Tampa, FL)     Kenny's website

Larry Coryell - guitar
Kenny Drew Jr. - piano

From the album "Duality", courtesy of Random Act Records (website).

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7. Announcements - Kenny
(background music from the album KMT I by Kenny MacKenzie Trio)

8. "Sidney Fandango" - George Grosman & Bohemian Swing
(Orlando, FL)     website

George Grosman - guitar, Brandon Walker - soprano sax,
Ian MacGillivray - trumpet, David MacDougall - drums,
Rachel Melas - bass, Refael Keren - accordian

from the album "Sidney, Mon Ami".

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9. "Birth Without Violence" - Gary Wofsey and the Contemporary Jazz Orchestra
(Alford, FL)     website
Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Gary Wofsey (solo), Moose Foyer, Laurie Frink, Bob Freeberg
Alto Saxes: Phil Woods (solo)
Flute/Tenor/Baritone saxes: Gary Brown, Dick Oates, Ronnie Cuber
Trombones: Bob Carlson, Joe Letizia
Piano/Electric Piano: Mike Abene
Guitar: Melanie MacQuarrie
Bass: Paul Adamy
Drums: Jim Mola
Timbales/congas/perc: Bob Merigliano

from the album "Kef's Pool".

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10. Announcements - Kenny
(background music from the album "Live From the Warehouse" by Dot Wilder)

11. "Blues for L.T." - Gers Yowell Quartet (Ormond Beach, FL)

Gers Yowell - EWI, Kenny MacKenzie - piano
Frank Capek - bass, Frankie Capek - drums

recorded October 21, 2011 ~ PC Jazz exclusive.
In memoriam: Frank Capek and Gers Yowell.

12. Closing Announcements - Kenny

Palm Coast Jazz closing theme by Seven Octaves.produced by Kenny MacKenzie

If you are a jazz musician residing in Florida with quality recordings of your original music (new or old) and would like to submit for future podcasts, please contact us at

All recordings and compositions are the property of their respective performers and composers, all rights reserved. This podcast copyright 2013 Kenny MacKenzie. All rights reserved.

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