Sunday, March 10, 2013

Palm Coast Jazz Episode 16 - Revisited!

This episode warrants repeating, so we added some nice photos, removed the clutter & put buy links at the very bottom. Wonderful musicians making wonderful music from start to finish. Enjoy the soul-moving sounds! (Note: clicking on pictures causes audio to stop)

Most of these selections are available wherever cds & downloads are sold online, but if you enjoy our presentation, please consider using the links at the bottom of this post! Thank you for supporting creativity in jazz!

1. Introduction - Allison & Kenny

2. "MG 1020" - David Fernandez

(Miami Springs, FL)
from the album "Symmetry"

David Fernandez - soprano sax
Carlos Vega - tenor sax
Gabriel Saientz - piano
Gabriel Vivas - bass
Ludwig Alfonso - drums

3. "Coral Sea" - Kenny Drew Jr.

(St. Petersburg, FL)  
from the album "Coral Sea"
courtesy of Random Act Records

Kenny Drew Jr. - piano
Jon Burr - bass
Marty Morell - drums

4. Announcements - Kenny

(background music from the album "Live in the City" by Jack Pierson)


5. "Julie's Lament" - Michael Royal Trio

(Sarasota, FL)
from the album "Transition"

Michael Royal - piano
Richard Drexler - bass
Steve Davis - drums

6. "Madcap" - Chuck Owen & the Jazz Surge
(Temple Terrace, FL)
From the album "Madcap"

Chuck Owen - keyboard, composer, arranger
Jack Wilkins - tenor solo, John Abercrombie - guitar
Clay Perry - piano, Mark Neuenschwander - bass
Dave Hardman - drums

woodwinds: Valerie Gillespie, Tami Danielsson, Jack Wilkins,
Rex Wertz, Matt Vance
trumpets: John Robinson, Ron Turner, Mike Iapichino, Tom Parmerter
trombones: Keith Oshiro, Chris Clifton, Andrea Rawlison, Jim Hall

7. Announcements - Allison
(background music from the album "Moved" by Kenny MacKenzie Trio)

8. "Pheonix Phunk" - Clay Foster & Carey Frank
(Orlando, FL)
from the album "Bona Fide Sea Monsters"

Clay Foster - guitar
Carey Frank - organ
Frank Brunot - bass
Jonathan "Jon-Jon" Parks - drums

9. "La Noche" - Lynne Arriale

(Jacksonville, FL)
from the album "Solo"
courtesy of Motéma Records

Lynne Arriale - piano

10. Announcements - Kenny

(background music from the album "Second Chances" by Allison Paris)

11. Closing Announcements - Allison

Palm Coast Jazz closing theme by Seven Octaves.

produced by Kenny MacKenzie

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