Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gers Yowell Interview

Gers & Myra - Sept 15 2011

I met Gers and Myra at a gig, and immediately felt that bond of friendship that happens now and then. He invited me over to jam. After hearing him play (at age 88) and listening to him share some amazing tidbits about his past (musical and otherwise), I knew that others would like to know about  him, would love him just as quickly as I did and love to hear him play. We were scheduling a recording session at his condo in Ormond Beach when he badly injured his hand on a storm door. We went ahead with the interview, and we'll get to the recording in another week or two when his hand's all better.

Below are some pictures with captions that follow the progression of the interview. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post for links to the websites of his musically gifted children, and feel free to leave him your thoughts & regards in the comments section.  - Kenny

Gers playing his Yamaha EWI.

Ger's Uncle, Israel Yowell, who gave Gers his first clarinet.

Gers Playing his first clarinet!

Gers in the Navy!

One of the album covers for "Apartment Sessions" - Charlie Parker

Gers hanging out at Rudy Van Gelder's house.

Gers Yowell with Joe Cinderella.
Gers is playing the saxello, and Joe is playing his custom Koontz 8-string.

Joe Cinderella & the Koontz he designed himself.

Gers's Handcrafted Instrument Miniatures. The detail is astounding!

Hand Sign Jewelry created by Gers - his first piece was for his sister, who is deaf.

Landscape photography by Gers Yowell.

Gers at his 83rd birthday.

Websites of Gers's musical children:

Drew Yowell

Gina Yowell-Gerszberg

Doug Yowell

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