Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jazz Piersonified and the St. Augustine Jazz All Stars - Labor Day 2011

Jim Pierson - 9/5/11
It's unusual these days that I get treated to live music at a gig I'm playing myself - so I decided to show up early to the Plaza de la Constitucion to listen to my buddy John Pellegrino playing bass for Jazz Piersonified. I had such a thoroughly great time.

Jazz Piersonified - Jim Pierson, Robert Banks, Cindy Pierson
Jack Pierson was swingin' and inventive on the keys, fresh from a trip and recording session in NYC, Cindy Pierson's vocal sound was warm and round, finely tuned & captivating, especially on the ballads. John was marvelous as always, digging in with all the right choices; and I got to hear and enjoy Palm Coast drummer Robert Banks for the first time - he was the icing on the cake - you couldn't help but move to his uptempo swing numbers, and his trades were crisp and thrilling.

John Pellegrino - 2011

And then the delightful experience of playing with the legendary Sid Blair for our set - the St. Augustine Jazz Society All-Stars. Well I'm hardly an all-star, but felt like one behind Sid. I got to play with and be blown away by him in Jim Miller's Big Band America - jamming in this more intimate setting was a dream come true. Honestly, the minute this guy picks up his flute I'm transported to some musical nirvana. Scott Mariash and Larry Nader were a solid, swinging section for the crowd - who hung in there til our last number, when the rain began. 

St.Augustine Plaza de la Constitucion - Labor Day Concert 2011

Jim Stafford from Eclipse Recording was very kind to let me run a line from his board and capture some of the concert - you can hear a few songs below in the pink player. Great crowd, great music, and for me - great memories! - Kenny MacKenzie

Sid Blair 2011 - photo by Heather Nader

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