Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bill Doyle's Favorite Concert - Dizzy!

Bill performing at 3 Dogs Grille in PC, 2012
Drummer Bill Doyle inaugurates our new poll for jazz musicians in Florida: What's the best jazz show you've ever seen? Not an easy question! We figured we'd begin by asking a few Palm Coast musicians. Locals who've been following jazz over the years here in PC are surely familiar with the solid & tasteful swinging of Bill Doyle. Bill studied with several teachers, including entrepreneur and co-founder of GRP records, Larry Rosen (who at the
Bill Doyle Trio backing up Cheryl Paige
time was backing up Andy Williams). Along with his own excellent trio, Bill has played with Floridian luminaries like Ray Guiser, former Basie vocalist Cheryl Paige & popular diva Linda Cole; as well as sensational Canadian trumpet player Mickey Erbe and guitarist Wayne Kirby.

Below are Bill's remembrances of his favorite concert:

Dizzy Gillespie - Birdland NYC 1961

I was 15 years old. My Dad, being a musician, allowed me to take a bus from New Jersey to Manhatten with my
friend to see Dizzy. At Birdland, we were pretty close to the bandstand. When Dizzy and his group started to play, my love for jazz became cast in stone. I do not recall all of the musicians who were in his group on that date, but I was in awe. I had been studying drums for 3 years, at the time, and this night left a huge impression. Also, his cheeks...unbelievable expansion when he was playing. I thought, "what about embouchure? I guess it doesn't matter because this man is great."

Live Dizzy recorded around the same time!
Birdland, at the time, was periodically open to teens (section called the "peanut gallery"). My friend, Castig and I talked "Tiny" the host, into letting us sit closer... He let us near  the band...I remember going down the steps, mentioned in the tune "Birdland".

Thank you Bill, for the great jazz flashback, and for getting the new poll off to a fantastic start! Here is Bill's Youtube page; and we'll be keeping you posted about his trio's upcoming dates! - PC Jazz


  1. I have had several experiences and I put them all in the same pedestal. One of them when I saw Dizzy playing live in Havana back in 1989. Several musicians from the United Nations Jazz Orchestra. I was 19 at the time.

    Another one when I moved to The Netherlands and I went to the North Sea Jazz Festival. I think I was the first person who bought tickets as I used to ask whether they were available every week, months before the festival. I saw Chick Corea and Origin, Michel Camilo, Michael Brecker, Al Jarreau, Roy Hargrove, BB King, Brandford Marsalis, etc.

    What a privilege for this little Cuban nobody who happened to love Jazz since childhood times.

  2. I saw Dizzy at the Showboat Lounge on Columbia Rd. & 16th st in DC in 1963. He had is quintet--place was very small and packed. Another time, I saw him at Blues Alley later in his career and he wasn't playing horn much, but still an amazing entertainer.