Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Jazz!

Here are a few pictures taken at the Oct 30th Jam Session held by the St. Augustine Jazz Society. There were a bunch more musicians and players, but most were up when I was behind the piano!
Swingin', solid beats from Bill Doyle (Palm Coast)

L-R: Ed Herson, Gil Surette, Jack Pierson

Eddie "T-bone" Herson was seriously rockin'!

My first time hearing the amazing Bill Prince. L-R:
Bill Doyle, Bill Prince, Jack Pierson, John Pellegrino.

Jack Pierson, who just released a cd recorded
in NYC
with Julian Lage & Marcus Gilmore!

L-R: Bill Doyle, Guest Vocalist, Rocky Ray & Bill Prince

L-R: Gil, Jack, Bill now on Cornet & Rocky

There were plenty of other performers including Eddy Tresta, Greg Wier, Cindy Pierson, Joyce Lundgren,  Scott Mariash Wanda, & Palm Coast's own Dan Burns. Outside of an unfortunate political incident that lasted way too long (the only one I've seen), this was pretty happenin' and the room was filled with jazz lovers! Next year it will be in a bigger room, so don't be bashful, come down bring your horn, (we could use some more 'young lions') and make it even better! Membership not required - KM

ps - there are more pictures of the musicians who played while I was at the piano over on the
St. Augustine Jazz Society's blog, on the bottom. :)

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